Day 3 of Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara

​Well I’m on day 3 of my Two Faced Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara and I’m sure not all that really impressed with it. It can give you raccoon eye’s. As I notified when I fell a sleep with it on. 
But it did stay waterproof when my eye’s did tear up from my allergies driving me crazy. So that is a Big Plus. As so called Waterproof Mascara doesn’t really stay waterproof at all. But this product does. It did clump again and that is really upsetting in my book. 
Let you know how it is another day this week. 


Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara

​Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara & Mascara Melt Off
Too Faced Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara & Mascara Melt Off.
Well I just got in the Better then Sex Waterproof Mascara with the Too Faced Mascara Melt off. The melt off is the BEST to remove ANY mascara. But the mascara is very clumpy. Has to fix my lashes many time’s. I had such High Hope’s for this mascara but it did Not live up to the name. Love the heavy bottle it comes it but that’s about it. Now I got to see how it lasts. And try it again in my lashes and see how it goes . Hope for a better day tomorrow. Maybe I just got to get used to the mascara & wand. 

Bad day for a mom of a 8 year old in 3rd Grade. This happened last year.

Today wasn’t such a great day for me.  Being a Type One Diabetic and my daily chronic pain I have get’s to be really hard to function at time’s. 

And when you get some horrific news from your child after school. It makes thing’s alot worse.  And hearing what was said to him and he is only 8 yrs old in 3rd grade, children should not be talking like this other child did to him. I was in complete shock. And for me it takes alot to feel that way. 

I was scared and nervous at the same time but could not let him know how I felt. Now a days it’s alot different then when me and my husband grew up. I remember fighting in school for studies thing’s now that I look back but that’s what happens when you grow up. Anyways kids now a days being weapons and such to school. Well they try to some do get it in but most of the time’s they don’t. 

And I hate to say it but now a days the kids can not be trusted. My son was told that this kid came up to him and was mad but they were friend’s before. But he said he was going to being a knife to school and murder my son. Any parent would feel the same way’s I do. 

My son’s friend heard it and told the teacher, Thank God he has such good friend’s like that. I do not know the child that said it nor his parents but I truely hope he gets the help he needs at this age before he gets older and does extreme things to other’s. I’m pissed but also worried about the other child. At that age any kid should never feel that way to do harm to someone else and I truely hope he gets the help he needs. 

At this age kids should be running around playing, doing boys thing’s. At times they will argue and sometimes they do hit each other. That’s part of nature and growing up and learning what’s right vs’s wrong. But to threaten to murder another person at that age is not good at all. And very scary to hear. I wish I knew the parents to be able to talk to them. But right now I think it’s better that I don’t. I do not want to say something because I’m hurt upset, pissed off and scared. 

The one thing that was good was my blood sugar did not go bonkers. Which I’m very surprised that it didn’t and it stayed in check. 

Time to go relax and try not to think about what’s going on right now. I will not say whom the kid is and I would never want to hurt the family in that way but has to talk about this and get it off my chest before I blow. 

Day in the life of a Type One Diabetic

People always say or suggest things that they hear it see on the TV or Internet on how to cure Diabete’s but forget Type One Diabete’s can not be cured by a herb or anything like that. Our pancreas is dead. Not working at all. So since they have already done heart transplants, live, lungs, and so on transplants why haven’t they done pancreas transplants? They have done some and some have worked. But I do not know why they haven’t done more of them. Wish I knew. Being a Type One Diabetic for31 years now you figured they would have something by now. Heard so many time’s a Cure is soon to come. Well why hasn’t it come yet? I think the BIG Pharmaceutical companies pay off people, places etc so they can still make money. Think about it. They make a Cure people won’t but the medicine to keep us alive everyday. Yes we would have to still take medicine everyday so our bodies won’t reject the transplant but I still think they pay people , places off. I might be totally wrong on this. But it’s just my opinion. 

WalMart Beauty Box


I’m so excited. I got my quarterly beauty box in. It came fast. I was surprised at that.
But what I received is well beyond the cost of $5.00.

What I received was..

*2oz pkg of Village Naturals Therapy
It’s a Aches & Pain nighttime relief.

*1fl oz of Vaseline Intensive car/advance repair unsented lotion.

*0.35oz of Eucerin body creme
It’s for Eczema Relief.

*0.17floz of ROC Multi Correxion
5 in 1 Chest, Neck & Face Cream.

*0.5oz of Dove advanced care 48hr
Cucumber Cool Essentials deodorant.

*1.8fl oz of Dove Purely pampering nourishing body wash. Scented Sweet Cream with Peony.

*0.9oz Truely Radiant Arm & Hammer Clean & Fresh toothpaste but in the clean mint.

*1.7floz NSPA Coconut rich body butter. Exotically Creamy.

I have tried the Nspa body butter and that is totally fantastic to use. Loved using it.
The Dove deodorant smells wonderful and works very well.
The Vaseline Intensive lotion I have had before and that works very well it’s self.
If you haven’t signed up for the quarterly beauty box for $5.00 I would ASAP. It’s totally worth it. Let me know what y’all think when you recieve it in the mail.