Day in the life of a Type One Diabetic

People always say or suggest things that they hear it see on the TV or Internet on how to cure Diabete’s but forget Type One Diabete’s can not be cured by a herb or anything like that. Our pancreas is dead. Not working at all. So since they have already done heart transplants, live, lungs, and so on transplants why haven’t they done pancreas transplants? They have done some and some have worked. But I do not know why they haven’t done more of them. Wish I knew. Being a Type One Diabetic for31 years now you figured they would have something by now. Heard so many time’s a Cure is soon to come. Well why hasn’t it come yet? I think the BIG Pharmaceutical companies pay off people, places etc so they can still make money. Think about it. They make a Cure people won’t but the medicine to keep us alive everyday. Yes we would have to still take medicine everyday so our bodies won’t reject the transplant but I still think they pay people , places off. I might be totally wrong on this. But it’s just my opinion. 


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